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Ferrite core (noise filter)

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Ferrite core (noise filter)


On-board use

Ferrite core applicable to discrete device without adhesive


Because temporaly fasten is available,it is much easy installation of discrete device with the
product onto PC board.
Fastening with no adhesive can be reduced conventional adhesive dispensing process.
Ringing suppression is available from FET or diode.

Complied with RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU


Soft ferrite
Silicone rubber



Feature Non split type, Plastic housing, Automated SMT type Cable types Width:0.8~1.5 ,        Thickness:0.3~0.7
Frequency band Signal noise Usage For ringing measures


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EMC solution Service

Part No. list

You can download a drawing and a test report,
add an sample to Sample Request Box per part number.

Part No. Outer diameter
Inner diameter
Download Data Sample Request
GRIP-3.5-1.8-2 4.4 0.5 2.8

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Ferrite Cores (noise filter) over wide frequency band with various fitteing measure are available.
EMC Design based on well-trained measurement skill and suggestion of selection guide of effective ferrite core are available.

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