Noise Reduction (EMC Reduction)Parts

Electromagnetic wave absorption (noise suppression) sheet

Electromagnetic wave absorption (noise suppression) sheet


Noise suppression

Soft ferrite sintered into plate form


Achieve a good balance between thinned ferrite and high-performance with the new manufacturing process

Better insulation properties and more effective in suppression at low frequency compared to electromagnetic suppression sheets

Attached easily with double-sided adhesive tape



スマートプライ FFS
EMC solution Service

Part No. list

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Part No. 厚み(mm) 難燃性 List of Materials Sample Request
FFS-0.3-1010T - - Please ask
FFS-0.3-1515T - - Please ask
FFS-0.3-2020T - - Please ask
FFS-0.3-2525T - - Please ask
FFS-0.3-3030T - - Please ask
FFS-0.3-5050T - - Please ask
FFS-0.3-1020T - - Please ask
FFS-0.3-2030T - - Please ask

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